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Striving for Inclusive Excellence

The University of Arkansas envisions a world committed to inclusivity, where diversity, equity, access and civility are valued as a part of our culture, climate and everyday lives. The University’s Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strives to make this vision a reality by reinforcing inclusive excellence in everything we say and do. We have a responsibility as engaged citizens to consistently incorporate behaviors and practices that support an inclusive environment on campus, in Arkansas and everywhere.

Diversity, equity and inclusive measures are true assets to any flourishing educational community. As an institution of higher learning, the U of A understands the value in preparing our students to interact, learn and thrive in a diverse world. In turn, we are ready to equip our faculty and staff with the tools they need to instill these lessons across our campuses in the classroom, in scholarly research and through service to our regional Arkansas communities.


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion strives for Inclusive Excellence, which entails total campus engagement in, actively and genuinely, supporting the ideals of diversity and inclusion. We believe diversity should permeate the very fabric of our educational institution.


  • The essence of diversity and inclusion (D&I) is transformation and change.
  • D&I is the glue that allows us to achieve success in other areas.
  • It is essential to link D&I to the core mission and top priorities of our university.
  • Progressing in the area of D&I requires total campus engagement.


Nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment takes a lot of work. Learn what our team and supporters do on a daily basis to help the U of A reach its diversity goals.

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