Building the Foundation

2020-2025 Strategic Plan for a Diverse and Inclusive U of A

Our goal is to be recognized worldwide for our excellence as a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and antiracist institution where all students, faculty and staff can succeed and thrive, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status or any other characteristic, in research, learning, service and discovery efforts.

Diversity Leaders

A culture and climate that values inclusivity, diversity, equity and access is central to the University of Arkansas’ mission and ensures our campus is a place where a growing diversity of students, staff and faculty can thrive. The shared goals, collaborative actions, strategic leadership and supports in this plan form the foundation for building that climate on our campus and in all that we do on behalf of our community, state and beyond.”
-- DR. YVETTE MURPHY-ERBY  | Vice Chancellor for the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion



Research and Discovery:
Facilitate and engage in research, learning and discovery efforts that promote strategic collaborations involving students, faculty, staff and community stakeholders and generate knowledge and research that benefits the communities we serve along with internal and external funding to support fellowships, produce scholarship, promote community wellbeing and garner funding in support of our DEI goals and aspirations. 

Education, Training and Support:
Provide DEI education, training, programming and consultancy, and facilitate critical thinking, dialogue and transformative action to promote the culture and climate we aspire in support of our external stakeholders as Arkansas’ leading hub for DEI knowledge and prepare our students, faculty and staff for career readiness and success in a diverse workforce. 


Engagement and Outreach:
Recruit and retain a faculty, staff and student body that thrives and is increasingly diverse across many dimensions.

Inclusive Practices:
Create a climate where all have a sense of inclusion and belonging, and equitable policies and practices are the standard.

Strategic Leadership Supports and Accountability:
Implement intentional efforts, structures, processes, policies and strategic supports that hold units accountable for alignment with our DEI priority and ensure professional development of DEI strategic leadership practice at all levels and across all aspects of the campus.