What We Do

Enriching campus diversity and inclusion

One of the guiding priorities from the University of Arkansas' strategic plan is to enrich campus diversity and inclusion. To help the U of A create and sustain a diverse, inclusive environment, the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion offers support for initiatives, policies and programming designed to impact the overall culture at the university. Our office provides students, faculty, staff and regional communities across Arkansas with access to the necessary resources, information and training to make this happen.


The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has five strategic goals to ensure safety and inclusion at the University of Arkansas. These goals are:

  • To secure external funding resources and engage in research and knowledge creation in regard to diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • To strengthen the link between diversity and inclusion and our mission as a land grant and flagship institution.
  • To change unfavorable perceptions about the University of Arkansas in relation to diversity and inclusion.
  • To contribute to creating a culture and a climate of diversity and inclusion across Arkansas.
  • To engage in national and intentional strategic efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

Of course, we can't do achieve this alone. Learn more about our strategic plan and how you or your department can get involved.

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