Donate to the AARG

The African-American Resource Group is dedicated to providing social and educational events to members of the University of Arkansas and the community at large. In order to provide these activities the AARG depends on the generous support of individuals such as yourself. Your dollars go to work immediately to help promote the mission of the AARG.

To donate, please follow the instructions listed below:


In the top left hand corner, under “Give Now” choose how you would like to make your contributions.

However you choose to make your contribution, please make sure that under the “Please Designate My Gift To” that you choose “Other” and enter the African-American Resource Group.

Please note, that an employee of the University of Arkansas can payroll deduct their contributions. If you would like to utilize payroll deductions, please complete the Payroll Deduction Form and designate your gift by listing the African-American Resources group under “Other”. Once your form is completed and saved, please email it to, Merin Macechko, Associate Director of Annual Programs, 575-2280.

Thank you for your support!