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A college campus is the perfect place for those who love to explore. There are discoveries happening everyday. Lectures and conversations taking place to address real world issues and the hypothetical. A chance to introduce yourself to whole new worlds and different cultures. It's a learning and sharing experience like no other — all created for us to consume!

Take advantage of the inclusive events, registered student organizations and resource groups at a ready campus wide. Get connected, get curious and learn all the ways you can get involved with diversity, inclusion and culture at the U of A!


Stay up-to-date on all events pertaining to diversity, inclusion and culture at the University of Arkansas from our calendar of events. As a flagship institution, we post diversity and inclusion events happening on campus, off campus and throughout the state of Arkansas.

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Explore diverse, cultural and spiritually-based registered student organizations (RSOs) on campus. RSOs provide students the opportunity to develop relationships based on a common interest. Through involvement with an RSO, you can meet new people, nurture your interests and have fun!

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