Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Giving

The University of Arkansas envisions a world committed to inclusivity, where diversity, equity, access and civility are valued as a part of our culture, climate and everyday lives. Realizing this vision is central to our academic and service mission and requires philanthropic investments to create the welcoming environment every Razorback deserves.

The following funding opportunities are a few ways you can partner with us in creating transformational change on our campus.

DEI Friends Fund

Flexibility and innovation are critical to meeting the diverse needs of our underrepresented students, faculty and staff. The unrestricted support of our DEI Friends Fund allows us to put ideas into action when new opportunities and challenges emerge. Previous gifts to the DEI Friends Fund have supported pilot enrichment programs for students and faculty, prominent guest speakers, and film and media projects designed to make our campus more inclusive and equitable. 

Support the DEI Friends Fund

The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund 

This fund seeks to improve enrollment, retention and graduate representation of students of underrepresented populations at the university. Through the campaign to endow this scholarship, we hope to bring the Razorback community together to advance racial justice in education and honor the legacy of those who have paved the way for more diverse, equitable, and inclusive futures. 

Support the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund

DEI Student Emergency Fund 

We understand that students may experience emergencies and unanticipated expenses that can hinder their well-being and academic success. This fund provides emergency grants to underrepresented students with temporary financial difficulties, including immediate expenses such as rent, food and utilities, emergency medical costs, remote learning technology, textbooks and much more.

Support the Student Emergency Fund

key contacts

Portrait of Victor A. Wilson

Victor A. Wilson

Senior Director of Development and Priority Initiatives
Office for Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Fundraising to support scholarships and programs for the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and other Campus Priority Initiatives. Specialist in improving recruiting, retention, and graduation rates of underrepresented students. Mentor to African American male students and staff members.