Ambassadors & Champions

Let The Transformation Begin

Diversity and Inclusion work is about transformative progress. The power of collective impact matched with the passion, personal commitment and personal responsibility of individuals and small groups is vital.

The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has developed two volunteer teams — the Diversity and Inclusion Student Council and the Diversity Champions for faculty and staff — to assist in building a more diverse and inclusive campus culture and climate. Council members and Champions serve as leaders in rallying the U of A collegiate family together behind the cause and are our biggest cheerleaders in reaching our end goal ofInclusive Excellence.

Both teams are essential partners in growing diversity and inclusion efforts across campus through deliberate efforts to identify areas of concern and success, assist recruitment and retention efforts for faculty, staff and students from underrepresented populations and areas and create a more inclusive environment for all faculty staff and students.

The role of the Diversity and Inclusion Student Council and Diversity Champions is:

  • To assist in maintaining awareness of issues, needs, and concerns related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and helping the Division of DEI to keep its finger on the pulse of what is happening and or emerging that relates to diversity and inclusion successes and concerns.
  • To assist in making internal and external stakeholders aware of the progress the UofA makes with regard to DEI.
  • To assist the campus in recruitment and retention efforts related to faculty, staff and students from underrepresented populations and geographies.
  • To serve as leaders that actively assist the campus in efforts to create an inclusive and diverse culture and climate.
  • To hold the Division of DEI accountable in progress towards the stated goals.


Diversity and Inclusion Student Council

With over 27,000 enrolled students at the U of A, the student population represents our largest group of change agents, by far. Our office is looking for U of A students who are committed to moving our campus forward towards a more diverse and inclusive culture and climate.

We encourage Student Ambassadors to own the process and make this a student-driven effort. Solution-focused perspectives are among our most valuable assets. The Diversity and Inclusion Student Council is open to all undergraduate, graduate and online students — both on and off campus.

Students interested in joining the Diversity and Inclusion Student Council can join the HogSync and /or reach out to the faculty advisor Stephanie Adams at


Our faculty and staff are often on the front lines for recognizing and addressing diversity matters — they lead our classrooms, they facilitate programs, they mentor on a daily basis, and they engage with a number of people from various backgrounds at any given time. The influence of faculty and staff on our campuses and beyond is undeniable.

We want to turn that influence and impact into assets that can help us achieve our diversity and inclusion goals. As Champions for diversity at the state's flagship university, faculty and staff light the path toward our destination to Inclusive Excellence. The Faculty and Staff Diversity Champion program is open to all full-time and part-time faculty and staff.

Faculty and staff members interested in joining the Diversity Champions program can fill out the Diversity and Inclusion Champions Membership Form and/or reach out to the division directly at