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Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Dr. Yvette Murphy-Erby ymurphy@uark.edu  479-575-3338 Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion
Angela Mosley-Monts ammonts@uark.edu 479-387-9248 Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion
Ella Donnell Lambey elambey@uark.edu  479-575-3338 Executive Assistant
Dr. Marcia A. Shobe mshobe@uark.edu  479-575-5568 Senior Research Fellow

IDEALS Institute

Dr. Elecia Smith    ecs002@uark.edu Executive Director
Dr. Rickey Booker rbooker@uark.edu Trainer, Facilitator and Consultant
Magdalena Arroyo arroyo@uark.edu Trainer, Facilitator and Consultant
Anne Shelley ashelley@uark.edu Trainer, Facilitator and Consultant

Division of Student Affairs Web

Dr. Leslie Yingling lyinglin@uark.edu 479-575-7183 Director of the Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education

Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education Web

Francesca C. DAgrosa fdagrosa@uark.edu  479-575-2441 Program Coordinator | College Access Initiative Pipeline
AnReckez K. Daniels akd006@uark.edu  479-575-4630 Academic Outreach Specialist | College Access Initiative
Sarah Beth Draine sdraine@uark.edu  479-575-6468 Director | College Access Initiative
Brande Michelle Flack bmflack@uark.edu  479-575-5014 Director | Retention Programs
Jackie Denise Gorham jdgorham@uark.edu  479-575-8405 East Arkansas Outreach Specialist | College Access Initiative
Bryan C. Hembree hembree@uark.edu  479-799-7668 Director | ACT Outreach
Pj Martinez Jr pm003@uark.edu    Academic Outreach Specialist | College Access Initiative
Jason M. Riley jmr045@uark.edu    Academic Outreach Specialist | College Access Initiative
Adrain Smith atsmith@uark.edu  479-575-8405 Director | Mentoring & Leadership
Amber Leigh Voigt voigt@uark.edu    Academic Outreach Specialist | College Access Initiative

Office of Study Abroad & International Exchange Web

520 N. Storer Avenue (STAB) studyabr@uark.edu  479-575-7582  
DeDe Long dslong@uark.edu  479-575-7582 Director
Sarah. L. Malloy slmalloy@uark.edu  479-575-7582 Associate Director

Division of Student Affairs Web

Dr. Leslie Yingling lyinglin@uark.edu 479-575-7183 Director of the Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education

TRIO Programs

C.J. Mathis cmathis@uark.edu    Director | Student Support Services
Nathan Brown ncbrown@uark.edu  479-575-2625 Program Director | College Project Talent Search
Gina Ervin gervin@uark.edu 479-575-7949 Department Head/Program Director | Educational Talent Search
Evelyn Fuller efuller@uark.edu  479-575-2628 Program Director | University Access Talent Search
Keith Brink kbrink@uark.edu  479-575-5788 Director | Upward Bound
Mark Stypinski mstypins@uark.edu    Interim Director | Veterans Upward Bound

Center for Educational Access Web

Laura A. James lauraj@uark.edu  479-575-3104 Director
Heidi A. Scher hascher@uark.edu  479-575-3104 Associate Director | Assistive & Instructional Technology

Greek Life Web

Parice S. Bowser pbowser@uark.edu  479-575-5001 Director
Garry Butler geb003@uark.edu    Associate Director
Carissa Kelly cykelly@uark.edu    Assistant Director
Renee DuBois rdubois@uark.edu    Assistant Director
Zachary Littrell zacharyl@uark.edu    Assistant Director

Veterans Resource and Information Center Web

Erika Gamboa egamboa@uark.edu  479-575-8742 Director
Juanita Muckleroy jmuckle@uark.edu  479-575-8742 VA School Certifying Official

Office of Equal Opportunity & Compliance Web

J'onnelle A. Colbert-Diaz jcdiaz@uark.edu  479-575-3333 Assistant Director/Grievance Officer
Mike Karcis karcis@uark.edu  479-575-2665 Equal Opportunity Specialist
Danielle L. Williams dlw11@uark.edu  479-575-4825 Director/EEO Officer
Toya L. Williams tlw035@uark.edu  479-575-6208 Associate Director/Compliance Officer

Title IX Web

April Daniel axd004@uark.edu 479-575-6876 Title IX Investigator
Liz Means edavisme@uark.edu 479-575-7111 Title IX Coordinator

Other Contacts

Dr. Trevor Francis tafranc@uark.edu (479) 575-7617 Director of Student Success
Lori Lander llander@uark.edu   Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life
Counseling and Psychological Services   (479) 575-4451  
University of Arkansas Police Department uapd.uark.edu (479) 575-2222  
Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance (OEOC) oeoc@uark.edu  (479) 575-4019  
Dr. Danielle Williams dlw11@uark.edu  (479) 575-4825 Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director (OEOC)
Human Resources hr.uark.edu  (479) 575-5351  
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) uams.edu/eap (479) 973-9702  
Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS+) class.uark.edu  (479) 575-2885  

Faculty and Staff

Lisa Corrigan lcorriga@uark.edu  479-575-5272 Associate Professor | Gender Studies COMM Faculty
Carly Franklin cstorts@uark.edu  479-575-2957 Clinical Assistant Professor | Student Success Director SCSW Faculty
Laurence Hare Jr. lhare@uark.edu  479-575-5890 Associate Professor | History and International Studies HIST Faculty
Janie Simms Hipp jhipp@uark.edu  479-575-4699 Director | Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative LAW Faculty
Synetra D. Hughes shughes1@uark.edu  479-575-3917 Associate Director | WCOB Diversity and Inclusion Office WCOB Staff
Jeffrey A. Murdock jeffreym@uark.edu  479-575-5760 Assistant Professor | Inspirational Chorale and Music Education MUSC Faculty
Yajaira M. Padilla ympadill@uark.edu  479-575-4801 Associate Professor | Latin American Studies (LSAT) ENGL Faculty
Derita Renee' Ratcliffe dratclif@uark.edu  479-575-7520 Senior Associate Athletic Director ADOF Staff
Niketa S. Reed nsreed@uark.edu  479-575-4760 Clinical Assistant Professor | Minority Recruitment JOUR Faculty
Frank Milo Scheide fscheide@uark.edu  479-575-5961 Professor | Native American Student Faculty Representative COMM Faculty
Dr. Valandra valandra@uark.edu  479-575-3525 Assistant Professor and AAST Program Director SCSW Faculty
Romona L. West romona@uark.edu  479-575-4887 Diversity Director | Fulbright College ARSC Staff
Ka Zeng kzeng@uark.edu  479-575-6440 Director of Asian Studies Program PLSC Faculty