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Train to Tackle Diversity Issues

The U of A understands the value in investing in our faculty and staff, especially when it comes to readiness in tackling issues in diversity and inclusion. There are multiple workshops, programs, training opportunities and guides at your disposal to help build an inclusive and diverse environment on our campus.

Information and Resources

Diversity and the University Libraries

Take some time to review the extensive network of resources and services. The Diversity Guide, in particular, was developed to provide diversity resources and services to students, faculty, and staff. From there, you will find information on resources, events, demographics, language tools, minority issues, detailed library guides for course supplementation, and more.

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Teaching and Faculty Support Center (TFSC)
(479) 575-3222



Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance Training

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance (OEOC) is responsible for providing educational training programs to assist members of the University community in understanding discrimination, harassment and retaliation, and how to address behaviors that violate University policy.Training and education are fundamental to maintaining an environment free from discriminatory harassment and retaliation. For more information contact: or 575-4019.

To view and register for the following upcoming workshops, visit the OEOC training calendar.

Conflict Resolution
A Grievance Has Been Filed, What to Do Next – For Managers and Supervisors (1.5 hours)

Discriminatory Harassment
Legal Requirements and Obligations in Responding to Discriminatory Harassment (1.5 hours)
What is Discriminatory Harassment? (1.5 hours)

Reasonable Accommodations
Responding to Reasonable Accommodation Requests (2 hours)

Recruitment Process
Search Committee Training Workshop (2 hours)

Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment
Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment Training for Faculty & Staff (1 hour)

Human Resources

The University of Arkansas Human Resources department has an Employee Development Program that offers a Diversity Certificate Program, designed to develop and recognize commitment to the university's diversity and inclusion strategic goals. The program consists of a combination of training and/or self-study, as well as community service, in each of the diversity values statement areas.

A minimum of 20 combined hours of training, community service and/or self-study is required. Within the 20 hours, two hours of community service, a minimum of four subject areas of classroom training, a minimum of one hour per topic and the three-hour Promoting Diversity session must be included. Topics include: Race, ethnicity, and/or national origin; age; gender; socioeconomic background; religion; sexual orientation; and disability.

More training from the Employee Development Program:

To view and register for the following upcoming workshops, visit the OEOC training calendar.

Communication Skills

  • AEAP - Arkansas Employee Assistance Program
  • Preventing Campus Violence


  • Gender Bias: Building Understanding and Creating Allies
  • Our Campus Diversity
  • Privilege and Prejudice: Building Understanding and Creating Allies
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Arkansas
  • Safe Zone Allies Orientation
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Building Understanding and Creating Allies

Interpersonal and Job Skills

  • AEAP: Managing Stress and Change in the Workplace
  • AEAP: Building Block of Relationships
  • AEAP: Facing the Challenge of Change
  • AEAP: Discriminatory Harassment (Formerly Sexual Harassment Training)
  • Women in the Workforce