Connect & Network

Employee Impact Groups (EIGs) at the University of Arkansas are recognized workplace groups led voluntarily by employees. The groups allow employees to support each other through inclusivity, workplace alignment and give employees an opportunity share identities such as gender, ethnicity, lifestyle or other interest.  

The EIGs impact the U of A campus and community by providing cultural awareness events, mentoring opportunities for students and partnering with Northwest Arkansas Employee Resource Groups.


The Division for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion offers the following Employee Impact Groups:

  1. Armed Forces Employee Impact Group
  2. Asian and Pacific Islander Employee Impact Group
  3. Black Employee Impact Group
  4. Citizens of Indigenous Nations Employee Impact Group (forming)
  5. Disability Employee Impact Group (reorganizing)
  6. Latinx Employee Impact Group
  7. Lavender Employee Impact Group


For additional information, please contact diversity@uark.edu.